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Win a Share of £135 Million With This Friday’s EuroMillions

Last Updated: Thursday 4th February 2021, 15:40

The EuroMillions jackpot has climbed to an incredible £135 million for this Friday’s draw after a Superdraw and one regular draw went by without a winner. If you want to take a share of the nine-figure jackpot, there’s one way you can guarantee to increase your chances of winning: by joining a syndicate.

Superdraw Jackpot Still Available

A EuroMillions Superdraw took place on Friday 21st September, offering a jackpot of £116 million. No one was lucky enough to win the nine-figure prize, so it rolled over to the subsequent draw on Tuesday 25th September, where it went unclaimed once again. That has led to the second-biggest EuroMillions jackpot of the year being put up for grabs this Friday.

The jackpot will continue to roll over until it is won or it hits its €190 million (£170 million) cap. It can reach this figure quickly, as there is more attention on the lottery the higher the top prize climbs, encouraging more people to buy tickets. The €190 million cap has been reached twice before and on both occasions it was won by a single ticket holder.

If you’re thinking of entering this Friday’s draw in the hope of winning the jackpot before it hits its cap, there is one way you can guarantee to improve your odds of winning. Team up with other players in a syndicate and you can dramatically increase your chances of becoming a multimillionaire this weekend.

How Do Syndicates Work?

When joining a syndicate, you pool your money with other players to buy multiple tickets. If any of the group’s tickets win a prize, the money is shared between all members of the syndicate. For example, ten people could pool their money to buy ten lottery tickets between them. This would mean that each member is still only spending the same amount of money that they would if they bought a single ticket on their own, but they would have a share of ten lines in total. If one of those tickets were to win £1 million, then each member would receive an equal share of the money, so £100,000 each.

The beauty of syndicates is that you can increase your chances of winning a prize without having to spend any more money. If each syndicate member is willing to buy more than one ticket, though, the potential rewards are even larger. You would gain a huge advantage even by teaming up with just one other player, as your odds of winning would shorten from 1 in 139,838,160 to 1 in 69,919,080 when you have a share in two lines. Two people buying two tickets each offers the biggest potential return, as your odds of winning would improve by a huge 75%, but you’re only forfeiting 50% of the jackpot.

The chart below shows what sort of return you can expect to get from this Friday’s draw versus your odds of winning when joining syndicates of different sizes.

How to Create a Syndicate

The traditional way of forming a syndicate is to round up some family members, friends, or work colleagues, and pool your money together to buy lottery tickets. This is still a valid way of playing and many work syndicates have hit the headlines after landing big prizes. If you go down this route, you will want to designate someone as syndicate leader. This person is the point-of-contact for all syndicate members, is responsible for collecting money and buying tickets, and in the event of any wins, is the one who should start the claim process.

You will also want to set up a syndicate agreement to define all the important rules of participating, such as how much each member pays, what happens when any prizes are won, and what happens in the event that someone leaves the syndicate or doesn’t pay up on time. The last thing you want is an ex-member of the syndicate demanding a share of prize money after they have left, so it’s better to lay these things out clearly before you begin. You can download an agreement template on our Syndicates page.

If this all seems like too much hard work, you can still see the benefits of teaming up with others by joining an online syndicate. These work in exactly the same way as traditional syndicates, but you don’t have to go through the process of recruiting members and drafting an agreement. Just pick how many shares you want to purchase and the rest is managed for you.

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