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Would You Go Public With A Big Lottery Win?

Last Updated: Wednesday 23rd September 2020, 14:01

National Lottery officials have confirmed that the UK player who won £77.7 million on EuroMillions last month has decided to stay anonymous after having their claim verified. While many big winners choose to remain private, others prefer to go public, and there are various factors which might influence such a big decision.


The lucky player who split half of the £155.5 million EuroMillions jackpot on Friday 23rd February has been paid out after quickly coming forward as the winner, and now no more information will be revealed about their identity or even where the ticket was bought.

Andy Carter, the National Lottery’s Senior Winners’ Advisor, said: “It is great to be able to help this ticket-holder celebrate their amazing life-changing prize. They are the tenth biggest winner this country has ever seen and we will now support them as they begin to enjoy their stunning win.”

Winning players are given as much support and advice as they need, whether they opt for publicity or not, and if they opt to stay private they can carry on with their lives aware from the glare of the media or any unwanted interest.


Many winners, however, decide that it would be hard to conceal such a huge amount of money and the changes it would bring, and consider anonymity an unnecessary stress. A multimillion-pound prize is very hard to keep quiet from friends, family or the local community.

A public profile can also help to open up new business ventures or opportunities. Chris and Colin Weir, for example, would probably have been unable to make such a success of their Weir Charitable Trust if they had opted for anonymity in the wake of their £161.6 million EuroMillions win in July 2011.


The good news for winners in the UK is that they do have the choice and can stay private if they so wish. Lottery players in most states in America have to reveal their identities due to ‘Right to Know’ laws, and a woman in New Hampshire is currently embroiled in a court battle to preserve her anonymity after winning $559.7 million.

Whether you want to go public or stay anonymous, you can give yourself a chance of winning a big lottery prize by taking part in Lotto or EuroMillions this week. There are some big jackpots up for grabs and you can choose numbers online or go to any authorised retailer. Good luck!

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