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Yorkshire Mum Claims Set For Life Jackpot

Last Updated: Wednesday 28th August 2019, 16:00

A woman from Yorkshire has revealed her exciting plans for the future after winning Set For Life’s top prize. With £10,000 coming her way every month for the next 30 years, Vicky Mitchell is looking forward to buying a bigger house, upgrading the family car and visiting Europe’s top cities, although she does not want her lifestyle to change too much.

Vicky, a 42-year-old mother-of-two from Halifax, matched all five main numbers plus the Life Ball in the Set For Life draw on Monday 12th August. She played online and only realised she had won when she logged on to her account early in the morning.

Recalling the happy moment, she said: “I was half asleep when I saw the email and thought: ‘great it’s another fiver’. I couldn’t work it out and see what I had actually won. It said I had to log on. I woke up my partner, Adam, and shoved my phone in his face saying that I’d won the lottery.  He said: ‘what a pound?’ and I just shouted: ‘no, look, look, look’. It was still early so we then had an agonising wait to call the National Lottery line to get it all confirmed."

A New Skoda and Caravanning in Skegness

It was actually her third lottery win in the space of a few days, as she had previously won £10 on Thunderball and reinvested the cash on Set For Life tickets. She won £5 with the first set of entries she purchased and so played again, finally then pocketing the jackpot.

Vicky’s prize is worth £3.6 million but, unlike other lottery jackpots, it will be paid out in monthly instalments over the course of 30 years. She is delighted with the financial security it gives her family, saying: “In a million years you never think you’ll win big but this is life-changing. It’s still sinking in but whereas before I would see a jumper for one of my sons and think that I couldn’t afford it, I can now just buy it.”

As well as new jumpers, Vicki is excited about getting a new car as she currently shares a 14-year-old Vauxhall Agila with partner Adam. She said: “I googled ‘best family car’ and Skoda came up as best family car. So, I’ve seen a little one that’ll be enough for me.”

A new home is also on the horizon as Vicki wants her youngest son to have a ‘bigger garden to boot his football about’. They already have a pre-booked holiday to Ibiza coming soon and hope to go to lots of other places, including Budapest, but they will continue to do the same sort of things as always.

One of the highlights of next year, for example, will be a caravan holiday to Skegness. Vicky explained: “You can’t beat a caravan holiday with the kids. They love it. We’ve already booked for next year.”

Set For Life Winners

There has been a flurry of Set For Life winners in recent weeks, with Vicky’s success coming hot on the heels of the news that Dean Weymes scooped the jackpot on Monday 29th July. There were two winning tickets in the draw on Monday 26th August, each netting £10,000 a month for 30 years.

The odds of winning the Set For Life jackpot are 1 in 15,339,390, far more favourable than the odds for EuroMillions or Lotto, as you only have to match five main numbers from 1 to 47, plus a Life Ball between 1 and 10. The game is played every Monday and Thursday and you can find the latest results straight after every draw.

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