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You’ve Won Friday’s £91 Million EuroMillions Jackpot - What Now?

Last Updated: Wednesday 23rd September 2020, 14:04

Following a tenth consecutive rollover in Tuesday’s draw, this Friday’s EuroMillions jackpot is estimated to be worth a colossal £91 million. This is certainly a prize that millions of ticket holders would dearly love to win, but what would happen if you actually did land this sizeable sum of cash?

Imagine you’re sat at home on Friday night with your ticket in hand, patiently waiting for the EuroMillions results to appear. The draw begins and the balls start emerge. You’ve matched the first two numbers - that’s great. But hang on, you’ve matched the third, fourth and fifth numbers, too - fantastic! Surely your luck must be about to run out soon? Maybe not, as both Lucky Stars are drawn and you’ve matched the pair. Your grip on that ticket might tighten and don’t be afraid to let out a little scream as you attempt to process what has just happened.

First Things First

Congratulations, you’re a EuroMillions jackpot winner. Feels good, doesn’t it? But what should you do now? Well, firstly you’ll want to sign the back of your ticket and store in a safe place; this will prevent anyone from stumbling across your valuable slip of paper and claiming your prize as their own. Secondly, you will need to contact the National Lottery Customer Care Team on 0845 278 8000 to arrange an appropriate time to collect your winnings. You will also be given the option of where you would like to be presented with your prize, whether that be at your home or a Regional Lottery Centre, but wherever you choose, don’t forget to take some form of identification. Of course, you might want to savour the moment by toasting your success with a glass of bubbly or maybe a comforting cup of tea.

Should I Go Public or Stay Private?

Before you collect your newfound fortune, you will need to make one of the most important decisions of your life - do you stay private or go public with your win? Remaining private would allow you to share your wonderful news with those you choose, but you might be forced to cut back on the initial spending to avoid suspicion. Whereas going public would take the pressure off keeping such a huge secret, but prepare to be hounded by the press and receive unwanted contact from strangers and long-lost ‘friends’ wanting a piece of the action. Either way, National Lottery officials will be on hand to discuss your options, but the choice is ultimately yours.

What to Buy First?

Once the oversized cheque is in your hands, it’s time to think about your first big purchase. Every player has their own ideas on how they would spend such a huge sum, but don’t let others sway your decision. Perhaps you’ll opt for a change of address or a flashy new sports car? Maybe you’re feeling generous and want to spoil the people who make you smile in life? However you choose to splash the cash, make sure you enjoy every minute of your win, you deserve it!

So How do I Win?

The EuroMillions jackpot has been on the rise ever since Tuesday 11th April, when a family from Dijon in France pocketed a prize worth €83.3 million. In that time, the game’s premium prize has ballooned and is now the focus of every player across the continent. So, if you would like to make your EuroMillions dreams come true, you can pick your numbers online or play via any authorised retailer throughout the UK. Good luck!

Please note, the jackpot has been re-estimated to £92 million since this article was published.

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