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25 Extra Millionaires Guaranteed in EuroMillions Draw on Friday 23rd February

Last Updated: Tuesday 31st July 2018, 12:32

There will be an extra 25 millionaires created in the EuroMillions draw on Friday 23rd February, as the second ever European Millionaire Maker takes place. The Europe-wide raffle is similar to the UK Millionaire Maker draw, which accompanies the main EuroMillions game twice a week, but features players from all nine of the participating countries.

What is European Millionaire Maker?

European Millionaire Maker is an occasional raffle held across the continent, which players automatically enter when they play EuroMillions lines in a specific draw. There is no extra fee to enter, and you cannot play it separately from the main draw and the UK EuroMillions raffle, they come as a package.

For each EuroMillions line you purchase for the Friday 23rd February draw, you receive a four-letter, five-number code that acts as your entry to both UK and European Millionaire Maker. The same code can be pulled out for both games, meaning you could be £2 million richer before you have even checked the numbers in the main draw!

Do Some Countries Have an Advantage?

Each European Millionaire Maker code has as much chance as any other when it comes to winning the prizes, no matter where you buy it. As this is the case you would expect the larger countries with the most players to win the biggest proportion of the prizes, but because it is a random process there is no guarantee that the spread will completely reflect that.

Certainly the game’s largest nation, France, led the way in October 2016, the last time a European raffle was held. There were eight French successes from the 25 awards on offer, followed by Spain and Belgium with four each. The UK, EuroMillions’ second most populous country, scooped three awards, as did Luxembourg, the smallest of the participating nations.

With fewer than 570,000 inhabitants, Luxembourg outperformed nations like Portugal (10.3 million citizens and two raffle winners), Switzerland (population of 8.2 million and one win), as well as Austria and Ireland, where no ticket holders managed to pick up a European Millionaire Maker prize.

EuroMillions Jackpots

Whilst EuroMillions fans across the country await the special draw with bated breath, there are still fantastic jackpots to be won twice a week. Buy EuroMillions tickets at retailers across the country, up until 7:30pm on the night of the draw, or choose your numbers online now.

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