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Big Changes to EuroMillions Scheduled for September

Last Updated: Thursday 24th September 2020, 09:53

A number of changes to EuroMillions have been announced as part of a drive to create bigger jackpots on a more regular basis and give UK players an extra opportunity in each draw to become a millionaire. Among a number of new features, there will also be a Mega Week at the end of each month instead of Mega Friday, while an event draw on Friday 30th September will offer a jackpot worth an estimated £100 million.

The changes will come into effect on Saturday 24th September before the draw on Tuesday 27th September. It is estimated that the jackpot will grow past £50 million at least twice as often as it does at the moment, and more exciting promotions are also on the way for ticket holders in all nine participating countries. Part of the changes will include special European Millionaire Maker events, with 25 millionaires set to be created at the end of October.

There will be a small change to the game’s matrix, with players now able to select their Lucky Stars from a pool of 1 to 12 rather than the current choice of 11. Ticket holders will continue to pick five main numbers from 1 to 50.

The price of a ticket will increase to £2.50, but there will be two guaranteed UK millionaires in every draw rather than the current one as changes to Millionaire Maker are also made. Mega Week will also create even more millionaires in both the final Tuesday draw and the final Friday draw of every month.

A UK Monthly Bonus Draw will also be launch after the changes come into force, giving players another chance to win £1 million. Other participating countries are also introducing their own special draws alongside the main game, all of which will help drive up jackpots, generate more excitement about EuroMillions and further increase the amount donated to good causes in every country where tickets for the game are sold.

The Good Causes Fund is allocated 28p from every £1 played on EuroMillions, and other National Lottery games like Lotto and Thunderball, to support worthy projects. This percentage will not change, so more money will be raised for good causes, and the new format will also ensure that more players are able to celebrate becoming millionaires. There are also still more than two months to go before these changes to EuroMillions come into effect, so there are lots of great prizes to win before the odds of becoming a millionaire get even better in September. 

Make sure you read the Changes to EuroMillions page to see all the adjustments being made to the game later this year.

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