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EuroMillions Superdraw on 3rd July to Boost Jackpot to £115 Million

Last Updated: Wednesday 23rd September 2020, 10:01

The biggest EuroMillions draw for five months will take place on Friday 3rd July. It will be a Superdraw offering a jackpot of €130 million (around £115 million), setting up the prospect of a gigantic summer win.

More Regular Superdraws

EuroMillions Superdraws are special events which do not take place very often, so they should be enjoyed when they come along. They are becoming more of a regular occurrence, though, after changes were rolled out earlier this year to help create even more large jackpots.

There are now set to be three Superdraws a year, up from an average of two for the last few years. The first one in 2020 was held on 7th February, when a ticket holder from Spain matched all the numbers to land the full €130 million.

For a Superdraw, the jackpot is announced in advance and is guaranteed to be available on the night, regardless of what happens in the run-up to the draw. It doesn’t even matter if the top prize is won in the preceding draw – the jackpot will be bumped up to the advertised amount. The money is taken from the Reserve Fund, which receives a portion of the prize fund in every draw so that promotions can be offered.

Apart from the enlarged jackpot, Superdraws work the same way as other draws. If nobody wins the top prize, it will roll over as normal and an even bigger amount will be put up for grabs the following Tuesday.

The jackpot could even keep growing until it reaches €200 million (approximately £177 million). This is now the jackpot cap following the update to the rules earlier this year, so there is a chance that this Superdraw could pave the way for a record-breaking win at some point in the next few weeks.

Biggest Winners

The record for the biggest lottery win ever seen in the UK came just last year, when a single participant scooped £170 million. This was the fourth time in EuroMillions history that a jackpot worth €190 million - the previous cap - had been won.

The UK has also enjoyed a lot of success in Superdraws over the years. A ticket holder landed £123 million on 11th June last year following a Superdraw, while another UK player won £121 million in April 2018. Go to the Biggest Winners page to read more about these stories and other lucky UK players.

Entering the Superdraw

To enter the Superdraw, just pick up a ticket for the EuroMillions draw on Friday 3rd July. You still only have to pick five main numbers from 1 to 50, plus two Lucky Stars from 1 to 12, the same as in any other draw, while the cost of playing remains the same.

You can purchase entries for the Superdraw from authorised retailers or you can take part online. Once you have got your numbers, you stand a chance of winning the nine-figure EuroMillions jackpot.

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