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EuroMillions UK Millionaire Maker Is Changing In 2019

Last Updated: Thursday 24th September 2020, 09:52

EuroMillions ticket holders in the United Kingdom can look forward to ‘bigger and better’ special draws from spring 2019 following an announcement from Camelot, the UK’s official National Lottery operator, that changes are going to be made to their supplementary Millionaire Maker game. This follows a widespread review of their own lotteries, and the updates are scheduled to come into effect over the coming months.

Notice: Changes are coming to EuroMillions jackpots in February 2020. Find out more

What Are The Changes?

The introduction of more special draws will see an overall increase in the amount of millionaires crowned, but the number of guaranteed winners in the supplementary UK Millionaire Maker draw will decrease from two to one in early 2019. This is to compensate for the fact that there will be more special draws held over the course of a year, the first of which is expected to take place in spring 2019 with the creation of 40 UK millionaires from just one draw.

Players will still be able to win the £1 million Millionaire Maker prize on offer in the additional game by matching the unique nine-digit code exactly. The full code must still be matched to win, and prizes won’t be awarded for matching some of the letters or numbers drawn.

There have been 843 Millionaire Maker draws held since the game launched on 13th November 2009, known then as ‘Millionaire Raffle’. 1,691 winning codes have been rewarded in that time with over £1.7 billion paid out in prizes. There have been two special draws held this year, on Friday 13th April and Friday 13th July, with 13 millionaires apiece created on these two dates. Special draws are normally held to celebrate a particular date or time of year, such as Friday 13th, the festive season, or New Year’s Eve.

Main EuroMillions Draw Stays The Same

The prizes in the main EuroMillions draw will remain unaffected by these changes, with ticket holders still receiving a free Millionaire Maker code for every line they buy. Codes will still begin with the letters H, J, M, T, V, X or Z, and the winning code will be drawn at random as normal. The odds of winning will continue to vary for each draw, dependent on ticket sales.

28 pence of every £1 spent on EuroMillions is put towards the Good Causes fund, and it is also hoped the introduction of more special draws will raise even more money for the heritage, sports, arts, and health, education, environment and charitable causes.

There have also been changes announced for Lotto, and remember to also keep an eye on our dedicated News section for all the latest details as and when they are released.

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