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Get Set for EuroMillions Superdraw on Friday 24th September

Last Updated: Monday 20th September 2021, 10:33

A EuroMillions Superdraw on Friday 24th September will propel the jackpot to more than £100 million, making it one of the biggest events of the year. Find out more about how it works. 

Third Superdraw of 2021

Superdraws take place a few times a year and offer a guaranteed jackpot amount. Friday’s draw, like the two to have been held already in 2021, will put €130 million up for grabs. This equates to around £110 million, although the exact value in pounds sterling will be set on the day based on the exchange rate at the time.

When a Superdraw is scheduled, it does not matter whether the jackpot is much lower beforehand or even if it gets won in the preceding Tuesday draw.

The jackpot amount is guaranteed because the money comes from the Reserve Fund. This is a fund that is used to pay for special events and also ensures that the minimum jackpot of €17 million can always be offered. A portion of the money raised for every draw goes to the Reserve Fund.

It usually takes a number of rollovers to help create a large jackpot, but Superdraws bump it up straight away. There could be a big winner on the night, or the jackpot may prove to be beyond everyone and grow even higher.

Superdraw Winners

The most recent Superdraw, on 4th June, was won on the night by a player from the UK. The top prize was worth £111 million and the lucky ticket holder contacted the National Lottery within 48 hours to stake their claim. It made them the ninth biggest winner in UK lottery history.

The previous Superdraw in February had produced a very different outcome, as the jackpot rolled over all the way to its jackpot cap of €210 million. A player from Switzerland eventually matched all the numbers to set a new EuroMillions record.

The jackpot cap increased to €220 million following the big Swiss win, so the upcoming Superdraw could set the platform for a new record in the coming weeks. Choose your numbers online or visit an authorised retailer to take part.

£15 Million Lotto Rolldown

The EuroMillions Superdraw follows hot on the heels of a Must Be Won Lotto event on Saturday 18th September.

The Lotto jackpot was pushed up to £15 million for the night but nobody matched all six main balls, so the money had to be split between everyone else who matched at least two numbers.

More than 1.2 million ticket holders picked up £5 on top of the Lucky Dip they would usually win in the Match 2 category, while 109,249 participants banked £105 instead of £30 for matching three numbers. The Match 4 prize was more than doubled and the Match 5 prize was worth more than five times the normal value. Go to the Lotto Results page to see a full prize breakdown.

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