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January Superdraw Announced for EuroMillions

Last Updated: Friday 22nd December 2023, 08:15

For the first time ever, a EuroMillions Superdraw will be held in the month of January. The nights might be long and the weather cold, but the EuroMillions jackpot is guaranteed to be worth more than £100 million. Find out everything you need to know about the special event.

When is the Superdraw?

The first Super Jackpot event of 2024 will go ahead on Friday 26th January. As with all EuroMillions draws, the numbers will be selected in Paris at the studios of the French National Lottery, at approximately 8:00pm.

How Big Will the Jackpot Be?

The jackpot for the Superdraw will be converted from €130 million, so it will be approximately £110 million. If the top prize happens to have climbed beyond that figure as a result of rollovers by the time the draw takes place, the higher amount will be offered and another Superdraw will be scheduled in the near future.

What Happens if Nobody Wins?

Just like a regular draw, the jackpot will roll over if nobody wins on the night. That means that an even bigger prize could be available on the following Tuesday, and the jackpot could potentially go on to hit its cap.

What is the Jackpot Cap?

The jackpot cap is the maximum that can be offered in EuroMillions. This limit is currently €250 million (approximately £216 million). If the top prize reaches this value, no more funds can be added on top and instead they are diverted to the category for players who match five main numbers and one Lucky Star.

If the jackpot stays at its cap for four draws, a Must Be Won draw is held and the full €250 million may have to be paid out to the prize tier below if nobody matches all the numbers.

Have UK Players Won Superdraw Jackpots?

The UK has a successful record when it comes to Superdraws. Most recently, a player from the country won £111 million on 2nd June, coming forward to claim it anonymously shortly afterwards.

Other UK ticket holders have won even more after Superdraw jackpots have rolled over. In the summer of 2022, for example, the jackpot grew all the way from £111 million until it got to its cap (€230 million at the time). A UK player won the lot, worth £195 million, to set a new national record.

How Can I Win the Jackpot?

You need to match all the numbers to win the jackpot. There’s only one way to guarantee you would win, and that is to buy a ticket with every single number combination, so practically that is impossible.

A lot of it therefore comes down to luck, but there are still various strategies that you could try. Purchasing more tickets gives you more chances to win, so you might consider playing in a syndicate as an affordable way to play multiple lines.

Alternatively, you could study the EuroMillions Statistics to see the most common or least common numbers. If you’re happy to go with a random selection, use the EuroMillions Number Generator.

Regardless of how you choose to play, you can only win if you take part, so make sure to get involved. You can also enter the regular Tuesday and Friday draws in the meantime, and remember to check the results afterwards.

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