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Neath Port Talbot Catering Girls Quit Jobs After £25.4 Million EuroMillions Win

Last Updated: Tuesday 31st July 2018, 12:31

A group of NHS caterers collected a £25.4 million EuroMillions jackpot prize today, having quit their jobs following the good news. The six colleagues from Neath Port Talbot Hospital will bank £4.2 million each after teaming up to play the pan-European lottery as a syndicate.

Quitting Work After a Lottery Win

It is the dream of many lottery players to march into the boss’s office the day after a huge win to hand in a letter of resignation. Although this remains a fantasy for most, Catering Girls syndicate manager Julie Saunders and her friends did exactly that after snapping up the UK’s seventh EuroMillions jackpot of 2017 on Friday night.

“It is amazing. We all decided to retire on the spot,” Julie told the assembled press at a publicity event earlier today, “it's someone else's turn to cook meals and serve them up to patients.” The group leaves on good terms, however, with a spokesperson from the hospital declaring that bosses are “thrilled” for the winners and “will be sorry to see them go.”

The five women who handed in their notice, whose ages range from 37 to 56, will now have plenty of free time in which to spend their seven-figure bounties. The sixth member, 73-year-old Jean Cairns, retired last year and will no longer have to worry about struggling by on her pension.

Other big winners to quit work after their lottery success include the ten colleagues from a Merseyside recruitment firm who snapped up £28.8 million on EuroMillions in July 2013 and failed to show up to the office the next day, and Mavis Wanczyk, who won $758.7 million (£579.3 million) on the huge US lottery Powerball in August.

Nearly Missed Out on the Win

The lucky group nearly missed out on Friday’s huge award, after 37-year-old Louise Ward considered quitting the syndicate to help save money for her forthcoming wedding. The winning line, 5, 12, 17, 33 and 41 with Lucky Stars 4 and 9 was her pick and, had she left, the syndicate would no longer have played those numbers. The fortunate bride-to-be will now be able to splash out on an extra special day to celebrate her nuptials.

How the EuroMillions Winners Will Spend Their Cash

As well as Louise’s wedding, the winning players have plenty of plans for their cash. Julie Saunders will head off to Las Vegas to play the slots, whilst Doreen Thompson, 56, plans to visit Florida with her husband, children and grandchildren in tow. 50-year-old Julie Amphlett has promised to spend, spend, spend, with shoes, handbags, a new car and a home fit for a millionaire on the wish list.

Play EuroMillions as a Syndicate

As the Catering Girls have discovered, you can slash the odds of winning a major lottery jackpot without having to pay any more for tickets by joining a syndicate. Each participant may only pay out for one or two tickets, but clubbing together means that you have more EuroMillions lines in the draw than you would get for the same outlay as an individual.

Of course, you have to share your winnings, but Wales’ latest multimillionaires will certainly be happy at banking a six-way split of Friday’s huge jackpot. Find out more about this exciting way to play at the Syndicates section.

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