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Second Superdraw of 2021 To Bump up EuroMillions Jackpot

Last Updated: Tuesday 25th May 2021, 11:22

The next EuroMillions Superdraw is set to be held on Friday 4th June, giving players in the UK and other participating countries the chance to win a nine-figure jackpot. The top prize will be set at €130 million (approximately £112 million).

Superdraws are special jackpot events which only take place a few times a year, bumping up the amount you can win to a guaranteed amount. When a Superdraw is announced, you don’t have to rely on rollovers to help the jackpot get up past £100 million.

The jackpot is guaranteed because the funds for the big draw have already been put in place. Every time EuroMillions is played, a small percentage of the prize money is kept aside in the Reserve Fund. This fund is important as it means the minimum jackpot can always be made available in the draw immediately after a win, while it allows the participating national lotteries to organise exciting promotions such as Superdraws when there is enough money in the pot.

Even if the jackpot is won before 4th June, there will be a €130 million prize to play for on the day. It has happened a couple of times that the jackpot has already climbed beyond the advertised figure by the time the Superdraw is scheduled to go ahead, and if this is the case the higher prize would be offered. Another Superdraw would then be planned for the near future.

Biggest EuroMillions Wins

The great thing about a Superdraw is that the giant jackpot on offer has to be won at some stage. If there are no winning tickets on the night, it rolls over to the following draw.

The jackpot can then keep growing until it is won or until it reaches its maximum amount, which now stands at €220 million. Head over to the Jackpot Cap page to find out what happens when it reaches its upper limit.

Superdraws have helped to create many of EuroMillions’ biggest-ever wins. The latest record was set after the most recent jackpot event in February, as it rolled over all the way from €130 million to €210 million before being snapped up by a Swiss ticket holder.

A player from France had previously won €200 million in December 2020, just a few draws after another Superdraw.

The largest win ever seen in the UK was worth £170 million (€190 million). It came in October 2019 and went to a player who claimed their prize anonymously. That UK record could well be under threat in the coming weeks if the Superdraw jackpot rolls over.

Whether you have a favourite set of numbers that you like to use, prefer to play Lucky Dips or want to generate your own numbers, you only have a chance to win EuroMillions if you enter the draw. You can take part online or by going to an authorised retailer. 

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