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Why the EuroMillions Odds Are Stacked in Favour of Syndicates

Last Updated: Monday 10th October 2016, 15:53

EuroMillions syndicates have enjoyed a fine run of form in 2016, with some major jackpots being shared amongst the members of groups that club together to play the game twice a week. Lottery fans across the continent will be keen to harness the odds-slashing possibilities of playing in a syndicate every Tuesday and Friday, when multimillion-pound jackpots are always on offer.

The simple concept behind lottery syndicates is that you each pay a small, affordable fee, but you benefit from having multiple EuroMillions lines played on your behalf in the draw, often many more than you would be able to stake as an individual. The more lines you play, the better your odds of winning. Anyone playing a single line on their own has a 1 in 139,838,160 chance of hitting the jackpot, but in a syndicate of twenty, for example, those odds are cut dramatically to a much more favourable 1 in 6,991,908.

In a EuroMillions syndicate of twenty, it is likely that everyone would put £2.50 into the pot for each draw. For that small fee, which you probably have floating about in loose change in your car or down the back of your sofa, you would then have twenty different chances to win the top prize, not to mention any of the other fantastic EuroMillions awards offered. Of course, you have to split any prizes that your tickets earn, but a twentieth of any EuroMillions top prize would still change the life of each member of your group! See the Syndicates section to find out more about this fun way to play lotteries.

The syndicate maths worked well for a group of 22 bus drivers from Dublin, after they scooped £20 million on Friday 1st July 2016. Each of them is now £910,122 richer following their success, which was made possible by the sheer buying power of their group. Another Irish syndicate tasted EuroMillions success on Friday 29th January, when they claimed half of a gigantic £100.7 million jackpot. Syndicates have also performed well in Lotto this year, with a group of Widnes teachers sharing a Lotto Millionaire Raffle prize of £1 million in March and family group from Bo’ness repeating that feat in May.

If you don’t have the time to organise your own lottery group, you can join an online EuroMillions syndicate by clicking through to the Lottery Tickets page. All the admin, ticket buying and prize checking is done for you, leaving you to simply select the number of shares you would like in the syndicate of your choice, which then determines the split of the winnings you receive afterwards. Good luck!

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