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Win €130 Million In September’s EuroMillions Superdraw

Last Updated: Wednesday 11th November 2020, 12:13

One of the highest EuroMillions jackpots of the year will be up for grabs on Friday 21st September, when the second Superdraw of 2018 is set to take place, offering a jackpot of £115 million. Find out all you need to know about the Superdraw and its incredible nine-figure prize right here.

About EuroMillions Superdraws

Superdraws are special events that take place only several times a year. They offer much higher jackpots than standard EuroMillions draws, usually starting at £115 million. The most recent Superdraw took place on Friday 20th April 2018, but the jackpot was not won on the night, instead rolling over to be claimed by a single ticket holder from the UK in the following draw. It was the seventh Superdraw jackpot to be won by a player from the UK.

The additional money needed for the huge Superdraw jackpot is taken from the EuroMillions Booster Fund. Nearly five percent of the prize fund from every regular EuroMillions draw goes into the Booster Fund. Its primary purpose is to ensure that there is enough money to pay out the minimum £14 million jackpot, but when an excess of money builds up it is used to fund special events such as Superdraws.

It is possible that the EuroMillions jackpot can roll over to a higher amount than the advertised Superdraw jackpot prior to the special draw taking place. If this happens, the Superdraw will be postponed to a later date and the jackpot that has accumulated over several weeks would continue to be played for instead.

What Happens If The Jackpot Isn’t Won?

If the jackpot isn’t won on the night of a Superdraw, the money will roll over until it has been won or the €190 million jackpot cap has been reached. The jackpot cap has only been reached on only two previous occasions following a Superdraw. The jackpot rolled over six times after the draw on 3rd October 2014, reaching the €190 million cap before being won by a single player in Portugal.

The only other time the jackpot cap has been activated as a result of a Superdraw was in October 2017, when a Spanish player won the full €190 million jackpot a month after the September Superdraw took place.

How To Enter The Superdraw

You can enter a Superdraw in exactly the same way as a standard EuroMillions draw. You have to pick five numbers between 1 and 50, and two Lucky Stars from 1 to 12, and like a normal draw, the jackpot can be won by matching all seven numbers drawn.

You can either pick your numbers for the upcoming Superdraw from an authorised ticket retailer, or play online from various locations around the world. Visit the Lottery Tickets page to find out more. Good luck!

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