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EuroMillions to Create 13 New UK Millionaires for Friday 13th April

Last Updated: Monday 9th April 2018, 16:22

Friday 13th April is set to turn into a very lucky date for a number of EuroMillions players after it was announced that a special edition of the Millionaire Maker will be taking place this week. In addition to all the fantastic prizes up for grabs in the main draw, Friday’s game will guarantee that 13 UK ticket holders win £1 million each.

What’s Happening?

To mark the date regarded as unlucky by anyone with superstitious tendencies, the UK National Lottery is putting 13 prizes of £1 million up for grabs on Friday 13th April. The prizes will be available in the Millionaire Maker, which normally creates just two millionaires in each draw.

Better Odds

The chances of winning £1 million change from draw to draw as the odds are based on the number of players who take part. However, with 13 players guaranteed to win £1 million rather than the usual two, the chances of winning are set to improve significantly.

How Millionaire Maker works

Millionaire Maker is a raffle-style game which is exclusive to EuroMillions players in the UK. All you have to do to enter is buy a EuroMillions ticket, and you will then be given one unique Millionaire Maker code for each set of EuroMillions numbers you select. The code is random and consists of four letters and five numbers.

The prizes are guaranteed because only the codes which have been generated for players’ tickets will be entered into the final draw. Winning codes are then selected at random and participants have up to 180 days from the date of the draw to claim any prizes won, the same as any National Lottery prize.

Checking Results

Anyone who plays online will be automatically notified if they win a Millionaire Maker prize. If you have played via a retailer, you can use the EuroMillions Results Checker and just enter your code to see if you are a winner, or take a look at the latest EuroMillions Results after the draw has taken place.

Special Draws

A similar draw took place six months ago on Friday 13th October 2017, with 13 UK players winning £1 million each on a spectacular night. The Millionaire Maker page has a full list of all the special draws to have taken place since these big events started happening in 2010, including the night on Friday 27th July 2012 when 100 millionaires were created to celebrate the London Olympics.

EuroMillions Jackpots

The EuroMillions jackpot was not won on Friday 13th October, but it was won in the most recent draw on Friday 6th April as a player from Switzerland scooped a prize worth £66.4 million. The jackpot is set to rise even higher in the Superdraw on 20th April, with a gargantuan €130 million (approximately £113 million) to be offered on the night.

You can get involved before the Superdraw by taking part online or going to any authorised retailer. It could just be that Friday 13th turns out to be a date you remember for all the right reasons if you can land one of the £1 million prizes, or even the jackpot. Good luck!

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