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More Than £200 Million in EuroMillions Jackpots on Offer in the Next Month

Last Updated: Thursday 24th September 2020, 10:34

The announcement that a EuroMillions Superdraw has been scheduled to take place on 25th September means that ticket holders could have the chance to play for over £200 million in prize money in the next month.

It has been revealed that the third Superdraw of 2020 will offer a guaranteed jackpot of €130 million, which works out at an estimated £115 million. With the jackpot currently sat at £109 million and only a month until the 25th September Superdraw, it is quite likely that you will be able to play for jackpots totalling more than £200 million in the next few weeks, making it potentially one of the most lucrative months in the history of EuroMillions.

All that depends, of course, on whether the current jackpot gets won before the Superdraw rolls around. The ideal situation for EuroMillions players would be for the jackpot to continue to roll over and then get won in the draw before the Superdraw. The jackpot, which would usually reset to its starting value of €17 million (approximately £15 million) following a jackpot win would instead receive an enormous boost to the £115 million sum guaranteed for the Superdraw.

It’s also possible, however, that the jackpot continues to roll over from its current value to exceed the £115 million Superdraw jackpot on 25th September. Should that happen, the funds earmarked for the Superdraw jackpot would be held in reserve and EuroMillions players would play for the amount of money that the jackpot naturally rolls over to. It still makes for an exciting draw, and maybe even record-breaking one, as the jackpot can now increase to its new cap of €200 million, a sum that has never before been won in the history of EuroMillions.

The new jackpot cap was introduced in February 2020 alongside other changes to EuroMillions. The new cap of €200 million is an increase of €10 million on the previous one. What’s more, it’s a ‘soft’ cap too, so rules are in place to ensure it increases even further in future.

Once the €200 million cap is hit and after the jackpot is won, another €10 million will be added to the cap, taking it to €210 million. Once that maximum has been hit and the jackpot has been won, another €10 million will be added, until the jackpot hits its ‘hard’ cap of €250 million. 

The previous cap of €190 million was hit four times in the space of seven years, so it will be some time before that eventual €250 million maximum is reached, but the upcoming Superdraw on 25th September is a good start.

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