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National Lottery News from 2010

View all the National Lottery news from 2010 below. All of the headlines are listed in date order and you can select the story of your choice to read the full article. You can find news from other years using the menu at the bottom of the page.

A Lotto money can’t buy everything
Development in Lottery sale
Two Lotto Jackpots unclaimed
A Lotto New Years resolutions
Lottery winner looks a million dollars
Two players share the Lotto rollover
East end call for Lottery Winner
Big Lotto win for Tyneside syndicate
National Lottery awards 2010
Yet another UK Lotto rollover
Unclaimed Euromillions Jackpot claimed
Shop Worker stole lottery ticket
Big Share on UK Lotto Rollover
Pensioner loses savings in lottery scam
What will Cadbury sale mean for Lottery
Euromillions winner steps forward
Giant Lottery grant for Giants Causeway
Rollup for the Lotto rollover
Birthday numbers galore in the UK Lotto
Euromillions climbing again
Luckiest Lottery Towns
Lottery used as election tool
Euromillions Superdraw next week
Time running out for UK Lotto winner
Unclaimed Millionaire Raffle prize
Lotto win is criminal
Warm up with the midweek Lotto
Millionaire Raffle winner comes forward
Euromillions Superdraw day
National Lottery Lucky Jobs
Rural Lottery outlet under threat
Lottery Scam warning for Jersey
Lotto winner back on the dole
Euromillions Mega Rollover tomorrow
UK Lotto Jackpot win about to expire
Record Haul on Euromillions Lottery
What will a lotto win buy you?
UK Euromillions winner celebrates
Deal or no Deal at the National Lottery
Fears of Spanish Euromillions winner
Lottery Funding to Restore churches
Euromillions on the roll
Buy Lotto tickets and pay the bills
Inventor sues National Lottery
Sunday Mirror prints wrong lottery numbers
Branson pulls out of lottery deal
Should Euromillions ceiling jackpots
Lucky 13 for Midlands Syndicate
Euromillions winners inundated with pleas
Weekend Lottery winners
Lotto winners give cleaner home
Another Lotto syndicate win
Lotto jackpot to expire
Unusual Lottery purchases
A Lotto rollovers
Euromillions jackpot won
Big Share on Lotto rollover
Lotto cash for dementia sufferers
Lotto Jackpot about to expire
One millionaire for the UK Lotto
New ad campaign from UK Lotto
No Euromillions winner
Lottery under criticism for plans
Two Share the UK Lotto
Divorce then lotto win for bus driver
UK Lotto results and a rollover
Euromillions rollover day
Euromillions Lottery double rollover
Five Share the UK Lotto
Last Call for Lotto jackpot
Thunderball doubles the jackpot
Lotto jackpot goes to charity
Modest dreams for Lottery winners
Seller found for UK Lotto
Euromillions news and a lottery draw
More shares on the UK Lotto
Euromillions winner comes forward
Lotto Cash for Titanic Collection
Euromillions winner remains anonymous
No Euromillions Rollover this week
UK Lotto rolls to 7 million
Just in time Lottery lucky dip
Lottery winner dies broke
Lottery win blamed for sex offences
25 million reasons to play the Lotto
Last chance for Lotto double rollover
Lottery Grant for Dylan Thomas Park
UK Lotto triple rollover
UK Lotto jackpot must be won
Jack Duckworth wins the Lotto
UK Lotto triple rollover news
Tyneside Lotto jackpot still unclaimed
Lucky Lotto names
Lottery fever sweeps the US
Three Lotto prizes to expire in May
Two midweek Lotto millionaires
38 million reasons to play the Lotto
UK Lotto news for the weekend
Five lucky lottery players
Winning Lottery ticket a lucky dip
Welsh Election battle fires at Lottery
Lotto triple rollover still unclaimed
Euromillions ripe for the picking
Euromillions rolls for fourth time
UK Lotto single winner
Would a lotto win change you
Lottery Rollovers for the weekend
Never ending lottery rollovers
New Thunderball tickets on sale
UK Lotto sales on a high
Two share the double lotto rollover
New government new lottery
Will Euromillions beats estimate
Shout out for Euromillions winner
EuroMillions September Superdraw
Lotto winner on the bins
Lottery shake up sees contracts lost
UK players have a lotto luck
Four Share the UK Lotto
Artists Lottery Syndicate
Warning over latest lottery scam
Dont forget your lottery tickets
Lottery fund to help elderly
A Lottery win over the rainbow
Two Share the Lotto rollover
UK skips off with Euromillions prize
Double winners for UK Lotto
UK Lottery jackpot is so last season
No winners for National Lottery
And the lottery rollovers begin
Four share the Lotto rollover
Banned festival wins lotto support
Stonehenge funding axed
Online scratchcard player wins big
New Euromillions advert
It wasnt me for Euromillions
One winner for Euromillions
UK Lotto shares once again
Deadline looms for lottery winner
Most generous lottery winner dies
UK Lotto heads for a rollover
No top winners for Euromillions
Five share Lotto rollover
Work syndicate hits the lotto
Lottery Grant for wildlife park
Lottery scam victim commits suicide
Yet another Lotto rollover
Euromillions double rollover
Split for Lotto Rollover
National Lottery sale approved
Big Money with the National Lottery
Third Wednesday Lottery rollover
Single player scoops the Euromillions
One winner scoops Lotto rollover
No branching out for lottery
National Lottery Show first
Bumper Saturday Lotto jackpot
Euromillions rolls and Lotto rollover
Three share the lotto rollover
Lottery UK Film council axed
Lottery Intervention at Dewsbury Moor
Wednesday lottery rollovers this July
First of the lottery rollovers
Euromillions rollover single winner
Lotto Double Rollover
Single double Lotto rollover winner
Lotto millionaire sold drugs
Single Euromillions Winner
Lottery Winner to buy new knee
How lottery dreams can fall apart
Lottery Lout sells home
Lottery prize goes to charity
Teen Lottery winner plays it safe
Lottery eyes up new ventures
Three players share the Euromillions
Three share the Saturday Lotto
How to celebrate a lotto win
Month left for Lotto Jackpot claim
Two Wednesday Lotto millionaires
Brit wins Euromillions Lottery
Lottery grant for Welsh castle
Lottery telephone scam
Online Lottery winner almost missed out
Another quartet of winners for the lotto
Will UK see Euromillions winner
Two Euromillionaires created
National Lottery shared again
Shops using out of date lotto slips
Lottery prizes to expire this September
Win a laptop with the National Lottery
Annual National Lottery Awards 2010
Lottery jackpots for the weekend
Tale of the lost lottery ticket
A Lotto viewers for the X Factor
Lottery Jackpot winner has two weeks left
Lottery retailers fix Thunderball oversight
National Lottery Awards winners revealed
Euromillions results and a Mega Jackpot
UK Lotto shared by two
Lotto prizes still waiting for collection
Chicago in sights for Lottery
Family share Saturday Lotto jackpot
Long overdue Lotto Rollover
Lottery Rollovers are contagious
Three share Lottery rollover
Two jailed for Lotto fraud
Lottery Jackpot expires Wednesday
Unlucky man gets a Lotto luck
SuperEnalotto beats Lotto hands down
A rollover before the Mega Jackpot
Two share the Euromillions
Exciting week ahead for Lotto players
Unclaimed lottery prize goes to good causes
Heritage projects get big lottery boost
Four share double Lotto rollover
Euromillions Mega Jackpot rolls
Massive share on UK Lotto
Lottery winner commits suicide
One unclaimed Lottery prize for October
Italian Lottery bigger than Euromillions
Lottery boost for Irish Health
Big Shares on Saturday Lotto
Another Euro jackpot still climbing
Euromillions winner on Facebook
Still searching for Euromillions winner
National Lottery to be reformed
Friday and Saturday Lotto rollovers
Is Euromillions winner from Coventry?
Lottery prize claimed in nick of time
Has Euromillions ticket been thrown away
Euromillions claimed but rollovers to win
Lottery rollover and double rollover
Two winners share Euromillions
Virgin Casino launches Hellboy slot
Two share double lottery rollover
Simon Cowell to launch lottery show
All eyes to Italy for lottery jackpots
Do you buy lottery tickets in Dudley?
Lottery win was in the tealeaves
Euromillions rolls plus Lotto rollover
Double Lotto Rollover this Wednesday
National Lottery Olympic fund announced
Lottery winners to lose out this month
Lotto Double Rollover day
Triple Lotto rollover this Saturday
Euromillions rollover and a SuperRaffle
Lotto Plus 5 to launch
Four share triple Lotto rollover
Spain takes the Euromillions jackpot
Lotto jackpot soon to expire
Lotto win for the Dingles
Big prizes in Wednesday Lotto
Euromillions SuperRaffle drawn tonight
Lottery win for man who cheated death
Issues at the National Lottery online
Lottery money to keep sport alive
One week left for Lotto jackpot winner
One Millionaire on the midweek Lotto
Lottery scheme for Stonehenge to go ahead
Mixed luck for UK Lottery players
National Lottery announce record profits
Lottery winner to share with ex wife
Lotto winner jailed over benefit fraud
Lotto rollover for Saturday
UK Lotto rolls to 11 million
Euromillions ticket lost in the post
Big Lottery Fund lets public decide
Double rollover Wednesday
The Euromillions countdown gets exciting
A Lotto luck for one lottery player
Asda value millionaire
Lottery remains popular as ever
Downing Street produces winning Geo
Euromillions players wait for the rollover
Euromillions winner misses out
Euromillions jackpot evades players
Lotto has the spirit of Christmas
Doncaster venue receives Lotto cash
Win a trip to New York with the Lotto
Euromillions double rollover tonight
Countdown to the Euromillions SuperRaffle
A Lotto Christmas preparations
Lotto gets into the Christmas spirit
Cash confirmed from Lottery Heritage fund
News on unclaimed lottery prizes
Lottery rollover for Christmas Day
Christmas Eve Millionaire SuperRaffle
Two Christmas Day Lottery winners
Dream Number comes to an end
Time to check the Euromillions results
Lottery Christmas present for action group
158 new lottery millionaires

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