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National Lottery News from 2011

View all the National Lottery news from 2011 below. All of the headlines are listed in date order and you can select the story of your choice to read the full article. You can find news from other years using the menu at the bottom of the page.

UK Lottery Winners and Rollovers
EuroMillions Jackpot Estimated at £25 Million
Second Chance for Health Lottery Players
National Lottery Christmas 2011
Triple Rollover for the EuroMillions
EuroMillions Jackpot Rolls to £22 Million
Double Rollover for UK Lotto Jackpot
Weekend Jackpots Look Appealing
Millionaires Month Starts Tonight
EuroMillions Jackpot Rolls for the Second Time
Rollover and Jackpot Winning Weekend
Swiss Ticket Lands Euromillions
Lottery Jackpots in Abundance This Weekend
EuroMillions Jackpot Rolls for the Fifth Time
Lotto Superdraw Makes Four Millionaires
UK Lotto Superdraw on Saturday 5th November
Eight Share Saturday Lotto Jackpot
EuroMillions Jackpot Hits £23 Million
UK Lotto goes Back to Basics
UK Lotto Jackpot Weekend Winner
EuroMillions Jackpot Rolls to £41 Million
Double Rollover for the EuroMillions
UK Lotto Jackpot Winners
Weekend Lotteries Look Attractive
UK Lotto Jackpot Worth Nearly £15 Million
New Jackpot for the EuroMillions
UK Lotto Double Rollover
Health Lottery's First Draw This Weekend
EuroMillions Superdraw Looks Tempting
Triple Rollover for the EuroMillions
Another Consecutive Lotto Jackpot Win
EuroMillions Superdraw 4th October 2011
EuroMillions Jackpot of £13 million
UK Lotto Jackpot estimated at £9.6 million
New EuroMillions Jackpot Tonight
Another Rollover for the Irish Lottery
Lotto Rolls to Saturday
EuroMillions Jackpot for Single Winner
Plus 5 Your Lotto Numbers
EuroMillions Inspires Optimism
Irish Lottery Rolls for the Tenth Time
UK Lotto Won But Others Roll
Give Thunderball A Shot
Lotto Plus 5 Jackpots Expire
Midweek Lotto Landed
Midweek Lotto Looks Appealing
Lottery Games in the Shadows
Jackpot Rollovers All Round!
Nine Figures for EuroMillions Players
Lotto Jackpot Stops Rolling
Millionaire Raffle Saves the Day
Last EuroMillions Draw of August
Bank Holiday Bonus for Casino Players
Another Rollover for the UK Lotto
Euromillions Rolls for the Eighth Time
EuroMillions Ticket Sales Soar
Three Share Lotto Double Rollover
Lucky Sevens for EuroMillions?
£10.7 Million UK Lotto Rollover Jackpot
It’s a UK Lotto Double Rollover
Euromillions Jackpot Rolls for Sixth Time
Euromillions Rolls Past £50 Million
Four UK Lotto Jackpot Winners
The Euromillions Keeps on Rolling
Euromillions Jackpot Hits £40 Million
Low Lotto Sales After Civil Unrest
Euromillions in Triple Rollover
July Euromillions Winner Yet to Claim
Three Saturday Lotto Jackpot Winners
One Player Scoops the Midweek Lotto
August's Unclaimed Lottery Prizes
Bingo from the National Lottery
Two Midweek UK Lotto Winners
Euromillions Prizes will Expire Today
Two Share the Midweek Lotto Jackpot
Who Pushed the Euromillions Again?
Weekend Lottery Round Up
UK Lotto Midweek Jackpot Rolls Over
Increase your Euromillions Chances
Three share Lotto rollover
Rollovers all Weekend in the UK
Lotto rollover shared by two
Euromillions and Lotto roll over
UK Lotto rollover for the weekend
And again the Euromillions rolls
Lotto Jackpot shared by three
When will Euromillions jackpot be won?
One winner scoops the Lotto
Euromillions jackpot hits nine figures
A Lotto rollover winners
Lotto jackpot winner missed out
Retirement after lottery win
Lottery rollovers are contagious
Euromillions rolls for seventh time
UK Lotto jackpot expires this week
Lotto jackpot split four ways
Sixth roll for Euromillions
Euromillions rolls for fifth time
Unclaimed Lotto prizes for June
Euromillions rolls for third time
Euromillions SuperRaffle coming up
What is happening to Lotto jackpots?
Grandmother conned in lottery scam
A week of Euromillions rollovers
Gambling on a Lotto win
Precise jackpots for UK Lotto
Lotto Winners Found!
Six Figure Success
Camelot Secures Third Licence
Third Ever Triple Rollover
A Winning Prediction
Lottery Dream Comes True
Winner's Wedding Gift
Liverpool FC Lottery
Lotto Purple Patch
Spain taken to Court
Lotto Horoscope
Fortune Predicted by Tarot Card Reader
Laundry Assistant Cleans Up!
Britains Biggest Winner
"I Won... I Quit!"
Fisherman Hooks $3 Million
Managing Millions
California Super Lotto Winner
Evertonian Wins A Mint!
British Player Wins Euromillions
Bedtime Stories
Midweek Euromillions rolls again
Lotto luck for Plus 5 players
UK Lotto bang on estimate
France picks up the Euromillions
Midweek Lotto hits the target
Tuesday Euromillions rolls again
One player wins the Lotto rollover
Euromillions player misses out
Hidden under L for Lottery
Syndicates Scoop Euromillions
Syndicate Scoops $61.5 Million
First ever Tuesday Euromillions rolls
Last call for Tuesday Euromillions
No champagne for lottery winners
Lotto has single jackpot winner
Tuesday Euromillions tickets on sale
UK Lotto falls below estimate
Lotto text alert closes
Weekend Lotto split three ways
Euromillions – A Royal Rollover
Lottery winner still in council flat
Single player scoops Lotto rollover
Win the Lotto live like Royalty
Euromillions Millionaires to miss out
Easter Lotto rolls over
Euromillions player gets an Easter Treat
Welsh Rugby fans scoop the Lotto
Player dreamed of scratchcard win
Euromillions changes come very soon
Triple Lotto rollover shared by four
Double roll for Euromillions
Generous Weekend for Lottery players
Midweek Lotto creates Triple Rollover
Last call for the double rollover
Lotto Plus 5 results reminder
Euromillions players unlucky in draw
Lotto winner is looking for love
Daily Play Lottery comes to an end
No midweek Lotto winners
Euromillions prize expires today
Lotto win in the nick of time
Two share again on Saturday Lotto
Brits fair poorly in Euromillions draw
Midweek Lotto jackpot split two ways
Helen Mirren buys lottery tickets
Five Lottery prizes to expire in April
Big Changes afoot for Euromillions
No millionaires again for UK Lotto
Will Euro Millions stay in Britain?
Not a Lotto Millionaires
£1 million lottery prize to expire
Create a Euromillions syndicate
More shares on the Lotto
Its a Euromillions multi-rollover
90 million for the weekend
Two share the midweek Lottery rollover
Roll up for the Lotto rollover
Reasons to play the Thunderball Lottery
Just two weeks for lottery claim
Euro Lottery and Lotto roll
Euromillions five times rollover
One Lottery Player scoops the lot
Ready for the Triple Lotto Rollover
Charities fight for lottery funds
Lottery Sales hit £5 billion
Weekend rollover results and news
National Lottery count lost winners
Lotto double rollover this weekend
Time for the Lotto rollover
UK rollovers dominate the news
National Lottery Awards entries closes
Do you have your Double Rollover tickets?
Two share midweek rollover
Lottery Jackpot still unclaimed
Couple get engaged after lottery show
Somerset Churches to get Lotto grant
Euromillions rolls to 36 million
Scratchcard winners look for new home
Lotto Plus 5 off to fine start
UK Gambling on the increase
Lottery winner goes back to work
First Lotto Plus 5 draw tonight
Euromillions jackpot proves elusive
Lotto Plus 5 Launched
Two millionaires and a new Lottery draw
Final Dream Number draw today
Lucky with love unlucky with cash
Big Lottery Fund moves to Cardiff
Two more millionaires for the weekend
Three UK Euromillions winners
Rollovers aplenty for the weekend
Sir Keith Mills to oversee lottery merger
Have you chosen your favourite Lotto project?
Rule change for National Lottery
Last chance for Euromillions claim
Saturday Lotto split three ways
Euromillions rollover to start February
Anticipation builds for Lotto Plus 5
Cumbria Police release Lottery scam warning
Lottery Grant for Torre Abbey
Luckiest Lottery town is Ilford
Winning Costa lot for Lottery winner
Three-way split on weekend Lotto jackpot
Euromillions rollover jackpot is split
Double Lotto rollover is shared
Lotto to hold double rollover draw
Lottery Funding for Veterans
2010 saw record Lotto millionaires
UK Lotto in double rollover event
First Euromillions rollover of 2011
The lottery jackpots are climbing
Lottery Grant for Playhouse
Lottery funds sport for women
Lottery rollover hit 8 million
A weekend Lotto rollover
Psychic wins lottery and sees it happen
Millionaire Raffle prize expires today
Monopoly 3D at the National Lottery
Single player is New Year Lotto winner
Start the New Year with a Lotto rollover

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